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    Signing with chain certificates

      Hello all.
      I've been having some problems with signing the java 3d jars (jogl too for that matter) with our new comodo certificate.

      Our old, now expired certificate worked absolutely fine but I renewed in november and since then I can sign them fine but receive an 'InvalidKeyException: Wrong key usage' error message when trying to run my site.
      I finally got some useful info out of comodo support and they have told me that I now have a chain certificate whereas previously it was not one. Apparently they don't do none chained anymore either.

      I've been signing using the jdk1.6.0_31 jarsigner and have had no problems running my own applets signed this way, the java 3d load always errors however.
      Comodo stated the problem is that java is trying validate the chain certificates as a signing certificate and advised me to come here.
      Anything obvious I'm doing wrong?

      Thanks for any help.