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    Buyer restrict on Categories


      We are on R12.1.2.

      How can I restric the users (buyer) to only enter the POs for a specific Categories? and view only their own POs?

      Our requirement is that:

      Buyer: Mr. Xee
      Categories: General, Electrical, Civil

      Buyer: Ms. Yay
      Categories: Services

      Buyer: Mr. Zed
      Categories: Spares & Supplies, Mechanical, Electrical

      1. POs created by Mr. Zed cannot be viewed/edit by Ms. Yay and Mr. Xee
      2. Ms. Yay cannot raise any PO for General or Mechanical items

      Thanks in advance.

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          For your second query (To restrict viewing), you need to set the "security level" at the "document types" page.

          There will be 4 options:

          Hierarchy - Only the document owner and users above the owner in the defined
          purchasing security hierarchy may access these documents.
          • Private - Only the document owner may access these documents.
          • Public - Any user may access these documents.
          • Purchasing - Only the document owner and users listed as buyers in the Define
          Buyers window may access these documents.

          Still researching on the first question. will let u know.
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            Thank you! Paarthy for your quick response. Hopeful, if I can get some solution for the 1st one also.
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              I dont think, the feature that is expected (Restricting categories for buyers) for PO's is available as standard functionality.

              Hopefully, you are hitting the Enhancment request 3266517: SECURITY RULES NOT FUNCTIONING FOR PURCHASING CATEGORY.

              The following note would be helpful, if you are using iprocurement - PRs:
              How Can The Categories (Category) List Of Values Be Limited Or Restricted When Creating A Non-Catalog Request? (Doc ID 604484.1)

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                While creating a Buyer, we can assign a single "Category" there. Why isn't that working to restrict the PO for any other Category for the buyer?
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                  Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                  1) If you do not want POs created by Mr. A to be viewed /edited by others, you need to set document security level to Private.
                  Purchasing > Setup > Purchasing > Document Types > Security Level.

                  2) Restricting buyers to specific categories is not available out of the box. You can consider a few workarounds.
                  a) Personalization on the PO screen (simpler)
                  b) Create different approval groups and different positions for each category. In those approval groups, use the category criteria. Assign the different positions to the buyers and assign the category specific approval groups to those position. (quite tedious)
                  c) Assign category to buyers to restrict them on autocreate screen. (This won't stop them on PO screen)
                  d) customize PO approval workflow to add the extra check

                  Sandeep Gandhi