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    Certification question of 12?

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      hi experts,

      Am new bie to certification environment?

      am working in private sector. In Jdeveloper in development ( not in production).

      learn ah bit-by-bit. just learning and working. some question bit silly. dont igonore mention it and answer those things.

      am in other side of globe(Chennai-India). I'gone under some third party training in the basics of jdeveloper/adf.(some months back,I did not know how much months back exactly).

      1.can any experts says when can i wrote the exam for my certification(In Sense after taken training within this period limit I h've to written exam) .?

      2.Is there any criteria do my certification(i.e age limits. like this so and so..)?

      3.can any one post me sample question of Oracle certification?

      4.how much should i pay for getting certification in jdev 11g?

      5.where i have to pay?

      6.In what mode i have to pay?

      7.When Oracle will conduct exams for my certification(In sessionally or weekly)? is it an online certification or else some centers.?

      8.Which books to be reffered for written those exams?

      9.Exams are in written in Paragraph format for the question or else option format?

      10.Eligble marks to get my certification?.

      11.Is there special levels for certification?(In Sense - basic level, Intermidiate level,Expert Level).

      12.Is there any exam id (or) name for jdeveloper11g certification.

      can anyone help me? with the help of answer if you give I'll be :)

      --sorry for editing lately.

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