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    Can we update the existing xQuery file into the server in OSB

    Vikash Kumar
      I have a small query. As far as I know, in order to change/update the artifacts like xquery/xsd file into the server, we follow one of the below steps:

      1) Create the session in sbconsole, import the updated sbconfig.jar(exported from OEPE) file and activate the session with this changes.
      2) Create the session in sbconsole, edit the xquery/xsd/wsdl etc and activate the session after saving the changes.
      3) We can go for offline WLST scripts for automated deployment (available in Auto deploy of ALSB/OSB artifacts - Proxy, WSDL and webservices...

      The above mentioned processes are various ways of deployements. But if I want to update some files (say xsd/xquery) which may be of few change(may be adding 1 field to xsd), can we have any other way to directly update the same into the server without creating/activating the session(i.e without deployement)?

      Relevant answers will be highly appreciated.