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    Need help in customizing workflow

      Hi All,

      Need your help in customizing APINVAPR workflow.
      Please help in clarifying below point.
      How APINVAPR is mapped to invoice approval process,for PO we use document type form to map the POAPPRV workflows when we customize we will map the custom workflow XXXPOAPPRV to make our workflow work.
      Similarly how will we customize APINVAPR and map the workflow, pls let me know your thoughts.

      My requirement is to customize the APINVAPR workflow and increase the escalation days, during the Invoice Approval Process/Escalate Document Approval activity escalation will happen in 5 days, i need to increase it by 60 days.

      If anyone have worked in similar requirement, please help.

      Also while downloading getting following error

      While downloading workflow APINVAPR, getting below errors

      Item type APINVAPR
      - 1300: Could not load.
      - 1114: Could not load from database.
      - 1115: Could not load all definitions referenced by 'APINVAPR' item type.
      - 1115: Could not load contents of 'APINVAPR' item type.
      - 1101: Could not load item types from database. FILTER=APINVAPR
      - 210: Oracle Error: ORA-01480: trailing null missing from STR bind value. SQL text: SELECT protect_level, custom_level, name, display_name, description, wf_selector, read_role, write_role, execute_role, persistence_type, to_char(persistence_days) FROM wf_item_types_vl WHERE name like :itemtype ORDER BY name
      But it was fine when i downlaod POAPPRV.
      Any one face similar kind of issues, please help.