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    Documaker - NumText DAL function

      We have a number of Spanish forms where we need to write out dollar amounts. We have used the NumText function before, and I see there is a FrenchNumText function, but is there a function built for Spanish? I can write a DAL to do it, I just don't want to reinvent the wheel if there is something already in the base product.


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          Hi Tony,

          Here is my assumption:
          You have to show a dollar amount (will come in the input extract XML or file) as a number. And you would want to expand it in words in Spanish language.

          Here is the way you could easily do it:
          Rule: MoveNum
          Mask: V (Spells out the numeric value in US English)
          Lang: ESP

          Selects a language for spelling out the number. This flag is used with the V flag and mask parameters

          Please try using these masking parameters for the field and this should solve the problem.

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            Hi Tony,

            I am extremely sorry. When I try to implement whatever is given in the Rule book, I am unable to get the Spanish Text. I will keep you posted.
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              Hi Tony,

              FMTNUM rule with below (example)mask will do what you needed


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                That just returned a formatted number with an odd (but possibly accurate) suffix. I need the word spelled out like this:

                $1,000.00 = ciento dolares

                Also, this is probably going to be for a user entry system, so I'm thinking this will have to be a DAL function of some sort.