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      • 15. Re: Help with Authentication (APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE)
        Christian Neumueller-Oracle
        Hi Portal Dude,

        is this a page- or application-level authorization scheme? Does this run on the login page? If yes, you are probably on 4.1 and not on 4.1.1. We added code in 4.1.1 to NOT evaluate page- and application-level authorization schemes on the login page (101), because there is no user information yet. In 4.1, you could change your authorization scheme to something like
        return apex_application.g_flow_step_id=101
               or portaldude_ldap_pkg.is_member (...);
        or (to cover other public pages)
        return apex_custom_auth.get_user='nobody'
               or portaldude_ldap_pkg.is_member (...);
        and maybe also set the evaluation to "Once per page view".

        • 16. Re: Help with Authentication (APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE)
          Christian Neumueller-Oracle
          Hi Frank,

          I agree that the LDAP code can be improved and really hope we can get something into 4.2.

          Not sure what you mean with "similar symtpoms" here, I must have missed other authorization-related threads.

          • 17. Re: Help with Authentication (APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE)
            Hi Christian,

            Yes, I was attempting to add this authorization scheme at the application level. Currently as a workaround, i am only adding my authentication at the application level, and my authorization scheme at each page level, login page not included.

            As well, I have just noticed our version is: Application Express I will work with our DBA to apply the latest patch.

            I will look at the code you suggest as well....

            Again, thanks so much for your help, you have really helped me to resolve a big issue here....

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