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    Enabling NFS server on Solaris 10 brand zone on Solaris 11 box

      After creating a Solaris 10 brand non-global zone on a Solaris 11 box, I added an existing zpool into the non-global zone by using the "add dataset" subcommand inside "zonecfg -z myzone1".

      However, I still cannot find any way to enable NFS server services on either the non-global zone (Solaris 10) or on the global zone (Solaris 11). Either way would be an acceptable solution for me as long as it works.

      If neither is supported, does anyone know what the alternative solution or a workaround is by Oracle?

      Oracle has been pushing for p2v migration of old Sun servers into new Oracle servers but this NFS server service is one of the most essential and basic functions of the OS and I think there should be some other ways around.

      I appreciate your help in advance!

      - Young
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          Mike Gerdts-Oracle
          Unfortunately, solaris10 branded zones are not yet supported as NFS servers. If this functionality is important to you, I suggest that you open a support case and ask for an escalation against CR 6991153 or a related CR (change request) that support feels is appropriate. Filing an escalation is not going to make it happen right away, but may make it happen sooner.

          In many cases, NFS servers just do NFS serving and nothing else. If this is the case for you, you may want to create a "solaris" (default) branded zone and migrate your data into it. This configuration is supported and works.