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    Recommended way of deploying APEX listener under GlassFish?


      I'm far from a GlassFish specialist, but I recently started reading the documentation :-)

      For now, I deployed the APEX listener as follows:
      - installed GlassFish
      - created a server domain
      - using the admin console (4848), I made the required changes to the server-config and I deployed the apex.war file under the admin server with the name "server".

      However, there's also another option:
      - create a new standalone instance
      - add this instance as target to the apex application and enable apex on this target
      - do some required changes to the new config for this instance ("instancename"-config)

      This also works, and it makes APEX available under a different HTTP port than the admin server. You now have a separation between the admin "server" and the apex "server", which looks ok for management purposes, but it also means that you need more resources.

      So, how are you all deploying APEX under GlassFish? Interested in reading some stories ;-)

      Matthias Hoys