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    SDS/SVM No such device or address


      i am trying to Mirror volumes via SDS from an old Storage subsystem to a new one.
      Now i get an error Message if i add a new metadevice:

      +root@s504psvn01 [] # metainit -s jbox d1 1 1 c4t50060E80100D3A83d0s0+
      jbox/d1: Concat/Stripe is setup
      +root@s504psvn01 [] # metattach -s jbox d101 d1+
      metattach: s504psvn01: /dev/md/jbox/rdsk/d1: No such device or address

      i can't even prtvtoc the new metadevice:

      +root@s504psvn01 [] # prtvtoc /dev/md/jbox/rdsk/d1+
      prtvtoc: /dev/md/jbox/rdsk/d1: No such device or address

      if i ls -la /dev/md/jbox/rdsk/d1 it shows

      lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          42 Mar  1 12:54 /dev/md/jbox/rdsk/d1 -> ../../../../../devices/pseudo/md@0:2,1,raw

      I already tried other names for the metadevice but that did not work.

      Is there any advice you could give me?