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    How to test a single page in an application

      In the application I am developing:
      it is based on 3 VOs based on EOs from 2 views and 1 table. The problem I am facing using af:form is that I am not able to get 2 columns and also I want the page to have 2 portions
      Portion 1 : will have data like Employee ID, Fname, Lname, Department, Manager which will be automatically prefilled based on the logon credentials
      Portion 2: will give input fields for some application like leave application as Start Date, End Date etc which the user has to input.
      I tried developing various layouts and tried to see how it looks by using "Preview in browser" but I am able to see only the physical layout not actual functionality. Is there a way to test a single page like this for experimentation? Finally the application will have many pages.

      I am not able to paste a jpg image of the layout I am desiring to have so I am trying to explain by writing.
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          Why not run the application on the integrated WLS and see how it will looks in a browser?
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            I created a page as
            adfform-readonly(for the fixed prefilled portion)
            second facet
            adf form (for the portion for user input)
            Then when I deployed it on the integrated WLS I am getting the top panel as two columns of data with only text (for the fixed portion) without any label or field display
            and for the bottom panel I am getting only one column of data - just the labels there are no fields for user input.

            What is going wrong?

            I tried using other components but the result is the same. For the adf form content(i.e. I am dragging and dropping a datacontrol based on VO which in turn in based on EO from a table which is empty) Can that be the reason for fields not been shown in the page?

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