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    How to use a custom KeyManager for Oracles JCBD thin driver

      I am trying to create a java application that uses PKI for authentication. I need to be able to retrieve a certificate from the Microsoft Certificate Store MCS) and pass it along to an Oracle database (11.2). I am connecting using the jdbc:oracle:thin driver. After spending some time googlling it appears that I have to create a custom KeyManager and a custom TrustManager to accomplish this. I am not sure if this is even the correct way to approach the problem, but assuming it is; how do I force the jdbc:oracle:thin driver to use my KeyManager and TrustManager? Also, as stated above the client certificates will be stored in the MCS while the Oracle database will be using a wallet. The database could be running on just about any OS that supports Oracles database which is why I will not be setting up Oracle to use MCS.

      Thanks for the help!