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    Perf issue in find db object panel when try to find object second time

    vasanth venkatachalam-Oracle
      There is performance problem in "find db object" window.



      1. By using Connection panel connect to any DB.

      2. View -> find db object.

      3. Select the Connection which is already connected.

      4. Enter a name, click more select schema and type, (my case type is Package body), then click lookup button.

      5. Object is listed, now click on the name so that it package body will open in new tab. Now we can do whatever operation we want we can do it on the opened package code.

      Till now no problem, everything is working fine.

      Now i want find another object, so i click on find db object panel to change the name. It is taking more time, i am not able edit the name immediately.

      Same problem happens in old version of SQL Developer also.