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    Jumpstart Segfaulting

      Hey guys. Anyone else experienced segfaults jumpstarting sol10_11-08 on Solaris?

      If I include

      cluster SUNWCXall


      cluster SUNWCall

      in my machine config (it's a T2000) then it segfaults on a jumpstart:

      Processing profile
           - Saving Boot Environment Configuration
           - Selecting cluster (SUNWCXall)
           - Selecting geographic region (W_Europe)
           - Selecting locale (en_GB.ISO8859-1)
           - Selecting locale (en_GB)
      Segmentation Fault - core dumped
      Solaris installation program exited.

      But it works fine using

      cluster SUNWCreq

      Be grateful for any pointers.
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          Just to close this-

          I expanded the full list of packages & clusters included in SUNWCall and systematically commented them out to reveal which package caused the problem. It turned out to be SUNWpkcs11kms.

          By issuing a delete statement in the jumpstart config file, the SUNWCall cluster proceeded to install without issue.

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