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    ASO app using EPMA doesn't move member

      Hello all,

      My client has an essbase ASO application that uses EPMA to load the metadata and some data too.
      I'm facing a problem that when I change the parent of a member or move a node in EPMA and after I deploy the application, this deploy process generates the following error:
      \\Duplicate member name member_name_changed

      The entire process is this, I select the member that I want to change its place, cut and after paste. I'm not doing this through table or files.
      I think that the EPMA doesn't treat this moving and doesn't "say" to essbase that there was this change.
      Is there anything that I can do to solve this issue?

      Now, I'm doing theses changes first in EAS and after I deploy just to have themselves synchronized.

      Thanks in advance.