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    OMS(12c) does not start

      OMS Version : 12 cloud control

      1. oms shutdown
      emctl stop oms

      2. installed Patch(13346924)

      3. oms start
      emctl start oms

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release
      Copyright (c) 1996, 2011 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
      Starting WebTier...
      WebTier Successfully Started
      Starting Oracle Management Server...
      Oracle Management Server is not functioning because of the following reason:
      A recent plug-in upgrade operation has failed. Follow these steps to recover:

      1. Restore/recover the repository database (For example from a backup)
      2. Start the Management server using 'emctl start oms' command. Oracle Management Server cannot be started without recovering the repository database.

      Execute 'emctl status oms -details' to get further information about this failure. After identifying and fixing the issues reported in log files you can retry plug-in upgrade.

      For more details, Refer to 'Plug-in Deployment' section in the Enterprise Manager Advanced Configuration Guide.

      so i patch was rollback,... but ems do not start

      EMS do not connected > connect message is "Backend WLS or EM application seems to be down"

      backup file not exists...... OMS is reinstall?

      have another solution?

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        • 1. Re: OMS(12c) does not start
          Did you try and upgrade an existing EM 12c env to bundle patch 1? If so, looks like you have a messed up env and you may be better off blowing away your environment and starting over again with the new bits - as per my reply to your other email thread.
          • 2. Re: OMS(12c) does not start
            No Upgrade for bundle patch #1
            installed one-off patch(13346924) ====> oms problem

            i env is
            em12c(not bundle patch 1) + Database Plugin Upgrade(http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/oem/12101/