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    Replace Thunderbird

      is it possible to uninstall Thunderbird on Sol11 11/11? what is eligible to replace it?

      the reason that i want to replace Thunderbird is that it seems exceptionally buggy; it was written by the same people who wrote the p2p client Miro for Windows; Miro was so exasperatingly buggy that i chuckled when i ripped it out.
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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          Yes, you can uninstall Thunderbird. And you can replace it with Evolution.
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            please delineate the procedure: is pkgrm the appropriate mechanism; how do i find where thunderbird is located?

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              Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
              pkgrm is the procedure for the older versions of Solaris. With Solaris 11, the command to uninstall packages is "pkg uninstall". To uninstall thunderbird, you should run this command :

              # pkg uninstall thunderbird

              To determine where is Thunderbird installed, you can executed this both command :

              # which thunderbird


              # pkg contents thunderbird

              I would recommend you to read the contents of this URL to learn how to manage packages on Solaris 11