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      What is the difference between erpi adapter and erpi component in the workspace ? and whats the prerequisite to drill through in FDQM ? and when to use FDQM only and when to use ODI With FDQM ? and how to create new source adapter in FDQM ?
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          The ERPi component in workspace is the ERP Integrator component. It is used to pull data from the source system (EBS, PeopleSoft, etc) and load to the target system. You can load directly to the target with ERPi or you can export the data to FDM and use FDM for mapping the data and loading it to the target system.

          ERPi > FDM > Target System

          The Source Adapter (ERPi-Fin-x) is imported into the FDM application using the workbench client and registered on the FDM application server. This is used to connect to ERPi and execute the data load rule in ERPi and pull the data into FDM to allow for FDM to complete the workflow to the target system.

          The ERPi adapter contains a .dll and .tlb components that must be registered on the FDM server and the XML file that must be imported into the application.