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    Party Merge and Account Merge Details


      Please answer the following queries regarding party and account merge-
      1. When party/account merge is done, does Party_id and Cust_account_id in aso_quote_headers_all table gets updated to new Party id/account id automatically?

      2. During party/account merge, does party_site_id and cust_account_site_id changed or they only point to new party/account with same site_id? I know that when we transfer sites then the site_id is not changed, only party_id for that record is changed to new party id. But when merge of sites is done, how can we map which site id is merged with which site. Are these details saved in some stanadard table?

      3. If party_site_id/cust_account_site_id are changed during merge, how can i identify the new site id for my existing site id. I need this information to update some custom tables after party/customer merge. Our custom table saves the party_site_id for the individual product lines in quote, so how can i map my old site id to new site id.

      Please share any document link which details the impact of party/account merges on sites and which tables and corresponding columns are automatically updated during merge.