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Discoverer reports failing after import from another instance

user518071 Newbie
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I've migrated Discoverer reports using export/import option.After opening reports in new instance,I'm getting the following error for some reports :

Can not join tables used in the work book Item dependency not found in the EUL,Attempt to open workbook failed?

I checked disco administrator for these reports and all these reports are based on custom folders.These custom folders are based on query and they are not joined with any other folders.

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    barrym Newbie
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    I have encountered this. I think the problem is caused by EUL IDs not being identical between the instances. EUL IDs are sequential IDs so if you are doing development in one instance not done in another, the EUL IDs may not match. The same EUL ID value may exist in both instances but refer to different things. When you import, there is an option to select matching by name or by EUL ID. I normally choose the by name option.

    You can try running the Discoverer Workbook Dump Utility D51WKDMP.EXE which lists all of the Workbook components and will list errors if the EUL_IDs have problems. This may help you identify what may need to be changed to get the workbook imported successfully.
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    Hi Kiran,

    why u are getting the problem is we are doing mistake in the  naming convention of the custom  folder and as well as item clauses names which are u given in the one instance is not equal to another instance .so

    what i am suggesting is please copy the files names and try it will definitely work.





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    Michael Armstrong-Smith Oracle ACE
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    Hi Kiran

    Try re-importing and matching on Names and see if that helps.


    Having End User Layer metadata out of sync and maintained in more than one place is a recipe for disaster. The best way to develop Discoverer metadata is to have a three-stage environment using Development, Test and Production.


    You should never add new Production metadata without migrating from Test which in turn is migrated from Development. Adding new metadata in Production will cause the unique IDs to be updated. The next time you migrate from Test, checking the box to match on identifiers will cause problems. Of course if you also take the time to make sure than even identifiers are unique then you will not have any issues.


    Best wishes



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