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    Question about Oracle's Professional Java Support

      We are an ISV in Japan. We have commercial software products which runs on the JRE redistributed with our applications.
      The JREs bundled with our application include JRockit and occasionally our customer report of core dumps of JVM,
      requesting us to perform diagnosis and demands clarification on exactly what part of our application has caused the core dump.
      Unfortunately, we do not have any expertise in analyzing problems of JVM, and therefore we are not and we are looking for a professional support we can rely on.

      Our question is if Oracle offers any kind of professional support for ISVs regarding JVMs including JRockit?
      If Oracle does, we would also like to know if we are eligible for the program they have, as we are located in Japan.

      The Oracle Java SE Support, which we hoped that it is what we needed, does not seem to fall into this category because the details of the support program,
      as we have confirmed reading the FAQ document, discusses of Named User Plus and Per Processor licenses, which apparently have to be purchased by our customer using our product.
      Asking our customer to purchase the subscription just to use our application does not seem to be an option.

      We would also like to be advised what our options are and how other ISVs confronting the same problem are handling any JVM relevant issues reported by their customers caused by their applications runnig on the JVMs.

      A couple of days ago we have send the message similar to the above to Oracle sales e-mail address, but we have not got any responses.
      One of the oracle sales partner representative has actually told us the Oracle Java SE Support suffice for what we are concerned about, therefore we purchased the subscription for 1 year for nothing, and now we cannot get a refund from Oracle.

      Any response is appreciated, Thank you.
      If you are with an ISV, please let us know of your opinion.

      Haruhiko Nishi