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    Bulk on-demand replication


      I am responsible for a scientific visualization application at my company. The app is 2-tier with a C# fat client talking to Oracle 11g. We are getting ready to deploy the app globally and need to come up with a replication strategy as we have found that performance is unacceptable when the client and database are separated by a WAN. Currently, experimental data are loaded in batches of up to 10G using SQLLDR through the direct path. We would like to set up a staging database that would enable us to examine the data before it goes into production. When the data have been certified, we would like to transfer new records on-demand in bulk to multiple replicate databases globally over the WAN. We would like to be able to roll back or recover from data transfer errors.

      I have limited experience with Oracle replication and would appreciate suggestions of products, technologies, or strategies that would meet our needs, which seem different from typical transactional replication.

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          There are lots of solutions available

          You can think and use the possible solutions for your scenarios.

          1.) Data Pump Network Exports/Imports

          2.) Data replication using DBMS_COMPARISON


          3.) Complete Schema Refresh using Data Pump

          4.) Oracle Golden Gate

          5.) Oracle Streaming

          Let you know if any query the same :)