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    Obtaining Sun Studio 10 for Sparc

      Hello all,

      We're trying to obtain a copy of Sun Studio verion 10 to re-compile a certain version of software we're using.
      Version 12 is easily downloadable from Oracles website, but it seems that you can't get access to the older versions these days.

      Does anyone know where in the depths of the Oracle (or Suns/Open Solaris / anywhere) website, it could be found?

      Kind Regards
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          Sun Studio 10 is nearly 7 years old and is nearing the end of the support stage where Oracle Support can provide new patches (Jan 2013):

          (check out slide #23)

          Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 has optimizations for the newest hardware and improved and new tooling over Sun Studio 10:


          Studio 12, 12u1, 12.2, and 12.3 are available on OTN. For older releases, customers with support contracts can request the software via My Oracle Support (MOS):

          1. Log into MOS: http://support.oracle.com
          2. Select, "Contact Us" in the top right corner
          3. Fill in the "Request Details"
          4. For "Request Category", select, "Physical Media Request (Legacy Oracle Products, Primavera, BEA, Sun Products)"
          5. For, "Which Product line does the media request involve?", select, "Sun Products"

          For additional instructions on making this request, search for knowledge base article id: 1322402.1. You can also post to the Solaris Developer Community in MOS for help: