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    Cache Coordination

      Not sure if anyone can provide me with some some input on this.

      Currently in our product we are investigating options to keep some of our persistence layer caches in sync in a cluster environment. These are caches that we have implemented.

      I came across this link for eclipselink cache coordination, http://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/Examples/JPA/CacheCoordination and was wondering if we could leverage eclipselink’s implementation of cache co-ordination beyond the L2 shared cache.
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          Shaun Smith-Oracle
          TopLink JPA's Cache Coordination was designed and built specifically for its needs and isn't intended as a standalone clustering technology. If you need clustered persistence layer caching you could a) just use TopLink for persistence and leverage cache coordination ;), b) use a distributed cache technology like Oracle Coherence, or c) use TopLink for persistence with Coherence for caching (as enabled by TopLink Grid).