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    SSDM 3.1 PROD - Migrate design from version 691 to 700

      Hello SSDM Team,

      We have about 150 ssdm/svn designs and we need migrate the tool from version 691 to version 700.

      I noticed that the tool doesnt let to save a connected design to svn on top of the design in the workarea and after commit it directly to the svn repository.

      We need to execute a lot of steps to migrate each design. First we have to "save as" the design outside the workarea, exclude the design in the svn repository, exclude the design in the workarea, copy the design saved in other folder into the workarea, and finally import the design to the svn repository.

      Imagine do it for 150 designs, managing the users and their designs and so on......

      I'd like to know if there's a easier and maybe an automatic way to do this job.

      Nelson Alberti da Rosa