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    Unable to Create Order Quote -- Starnge Behaviour

      Dear All,

      I am using Oe_order_pub.process_order, as per my requirement i have to create quote in order management. As per API Guide Lines i have followed.

      the first time when i run my program it was created Order Quote with Flow Status Code is DRAFT. From second time onwards it was creating order with Flow status code ='ENTERED'.

      Please check i have populated following parameter at header level.

      l_header_rec.order_type_id :=V_TRANSACTION_TYPE_ID;

      l_header_rec.sold_to_org_id :=p_cust_id;
      l_header_rec.ship_to_org_id := 13897;1026;--p_ship_to_org_id; --1026;

      l_header_rec.price_list_id := v_price_list_id ; --807371;
      l_header_rec.pricing_date := SYSDATE;
      --l_header_rec.ordered_date :=SYSDATE;

      /********* To create Quote using Process Order API , we have to populate Transaction_phase_code
      l_header_rec.quote_date := SYSDATE;
      l_header_rec.sales_document_name := 'Order Capture Quotes';
      l_header_rec.draft_submitted_flag := 'N';
      l_header_rec.source_document_version_number := '1.0';

      Please any body can give a quick response it is helpful to me . i have to create order quote.

      Note : same code i have tried in different instance in that instance every time it was creating only QAUOTE. Please let me know is there any issue with order type or customer
      or any other dependecies. like (ITEM Attributes , Price List and Order Type and Customer level) .

      Advance thanks