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    Siebel Tools Business Services for Source Control verification

      One of the challenges with integrating Siebel Tools with a Source Control repository is that it is far too easy for an user to check in code to the Siebel Repository without that code getting checked in correctly to the Source Control repository (i.e. Subversion).
      They can turn off the source control, have it setup incorrectly, or have some permissions issues which they don't know about. Since Siebel does all check-ins as an after though you can have the two code repositories (Siebel Tools and Subversion) out of sync.

      Was wondering if anyone out there has used any of the out of the box Business Services (that start with Siebel Tools..) to build an automated process that would compare the objects in Siebel (via SIF-XML) to the files that got stored in the Source Control repository.

      Or how have you mitigated this risk?