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    Payment_method_lookup_code in supplier conversion using api

      The conversion is from 11i to R12. I am working on supplier conversion using API. The AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG create_vendor or create_vendor_site does not have Payment_method_lookup_code to update into apps. How can i update the Payment_method_lookup_code for a supplier?

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Kiran Gaddam

          Using AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG create_vendor or create_vendor_site, you will NOT be able to update the PAYMENT METHOD in R12.

          AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG create_vendor or create_vendor_site packages are obsolete in R12 and we shouldn't be using the same. Instead use the supplier open interface table to import the suppliers and supplier sites.

          In R12 PAYMENT_METHOD_LOOKUP_CODE column is replaced by PAYMENT_METHOD_CODE. In R12 the column PAYMENT_METHOD_LOOKUP_CODE is no longer used.

          When I was upgrading I had the same issue and when I crated the SR with Oracle they suggested me to use the Supplier open interface tables, which resolved my issue.

          Hope this helps.

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            You could use AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG.create_vendor_Site and pass the vendor_site_rec fields along with the following addition.


            p_vendor_site_rec.ext_payee_rec.default_pmt_method := 'EFT';


            This would create the Default Payment Method in IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYEES_ALL.


            Hope this helps.


            -Geetha K