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    Peoplesoft session closing at the right time

    John van der Kooij
      Say we have a computer used by multiple people, self service users. The first user is working in PeopleSoft and at a certain time another user is pressing the first user to let him use PeopleSoft. The first user gets annoyed and clicks the tab cross instead of neatly logging out. The second user opens their webmail and has an e-mail from SelfService with a link. This user then clicks that link and opens in the already opened browser.

      This will open the first user's session because it was never closed.

      How can you avoid something like this happening?

      Granted, the first user should have logged out nicely, but this is a scenario that can happen so you would want to make sure sessions don't get mixed up
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          The reason the next user is getting logged into the previous user's session is that the cookies are still sitting in the browser. Did you try disabling the cookies on the internet explorer?
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            John van der Kooij
            How would I do that?

            First there is now way I can think of that will allow me to determine that the person using the browser isn't the user that is still logged in. But I still tried that before I posted here, just to see if I could. And you can´t as far as I can see. When you remove the cookies, PeopleSoft somehow still recognizes you and puts new cookies in. If you try to remove certain cookies, the behaviour of the system becomes unpredictable. Sometimes you can go on working, other times you are stuck in the PeopleSoft window you went to.

            I´m under the impression this is a browser problem a lot of applications have trouble with, or even better, cannot have control over.