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    MVThemeBasedFOI Index

      Hi all,

      i have more than one theme showed in my map, i want to ( enableInfoWindow(true) ) for all themes
      or enable it for the theme that found in current mouse location.
      only one theme is enabled, i want to allow other themes.

      i'm using JS API, Can anyone help on this?

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          if you want to be able to click on objects of different themes at a time, you have to make sure, that there is no "WholeImage" layer "above" these objects. To control the layers behaviour concerning single-foi vs. whole-image you can use setMaxWholeImageLevel method of MVThemeBasedFOI.
          FOIs which are not top-most are only clickable when they are lying beside fois of themes higher in the theme-index stack and all themes higher in the stack are not rendered as whole image. You can bring each layer to the top by settings the theme index (Mapview.setThemeIndex(themeBasedFOI, index)).

          You can also play around with MVThemeBasedFOI.enableEventPropagation(enabled) to enable/disable click of layer lying above the desired layer.

          All in all I think you need to setup you own business logic.

          hope that helps.

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            i couldn't to solve it ,
            do u know how to get all layers that are lying in certain position ? "if i know (x,y) of this point then i can change index of this theme ?

            or can i add more sql query in one jdbc theme ?
            my problem that i make 5 jdbc themes by 5 different queries, i want to allow mouse click for these 5 themes at the same time.

            Thank you Dominik :)
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              hi abacy,

              please refer to this thread to get more information about querying overlapping themes (I think it's not possible by oraclemaps by default but one can think of some custom implementation on that topic)

              MapViewer and WMS layers

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                Thanks dominik

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