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    Pro C with 11gR2

      Hi all,

      Kindly explain me how to install 11gR2 with Pro C precompailer,,

      Where i have to download this compailer and how to install this..

      Kindly adcvice me


      Kindly tell me where do i get the Pro C Pre compailer Software

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          Nelson Calero
          Please check this note: Precompiler FAQ's in 11gR2 (11.2.0.x) [ID 1072106.1]

          It is now included in the Client software distribution.

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            Dear Nelson,

            I have downloaded the Client software and continued to install, then i have choosen " *ORACLE CALL INTERFACE [OCI]* ".

            Is this the correct for PRO*C Pre Compiler , because i have not found any compilers name in that .. kindly advice me,, which component i have to choose it from the " *Available Product Menu* "

            Thanks & Regards
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              You have to choose 'Custom installation' and then to select 'Precompilers'. There is no dedicated 'Pro*C' selection, you get all precompilers (I guess these are Pro*C,Pro*Cobol,Pro*Fortran).

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                Hi Werner

                There is no precompiler found in the Available Product Component page..

                Here is the list

                Oracle SQLJ
                Oracle Database Utilities
                Oracle Java Client
                Oracle JDBC/THIN Interfaces
                Oracle Internet Directory Client
                Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
                Oracle Programmer
                Oracle XML Development Kit
                Oracle Advanced Security
                Enterprise Manager Minimal Integration
                OLAP Analytic Workspace Manager and Worksheet
                Oracle Net
                Oracle Connection Manager
                Oracle Net Listener
                Oracle Multimedia Client Option
                Oracle ODBC Driver
                Oracle Clusterware High Availability API
                Oracle SQL Developer
                Oracle Scheduler Agent
                Oracle Services For Microsoft Transaction Server
                Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows
                Oracle Counters for Windows Performance Monitor
                Oracle Objects for OLE
                Oracle Provider for OLE DB
                Oracle Data Provider for .NET
                Oracle Providers for ASP.NET

                In this above i havnt found any PRECOMPILERS..

                Kindly Help me..

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                  Nelson Calero
                  Choose the "Programmer" component.

                  If you also want the examples, they now come in a separate file (linux_11gR2_examples.zip.) and you may need to install it after this.

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                    Dear Nelson,

                    I have chosen the "*Oracle Programmer*", from the 11g Client installation but still i have not found any Menu as percompiler in the 'Startup menu' in the windows server machine..

                    Can u kindly tell me once i have chosen that 'Oracle Programmer' the product will be installed, once its installed that product should be comes under the Oracle_home in the startup menu.. am i correct..?!??!

                    Kindly advice me..


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