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    Could not create java virtual machine

      I am trying to kick off Oracle Universal Installer and getting error "Could not create java virtual machine". Any idea what this error mean and how to resolve it ?

      RAM : 4gb
      OS : Windows 7 home addition
      System Type 32 bit
      CPU : AMD Phenom

      Thanks & Regards
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          You have one of a couple of problems:

          1 - possibly a corrupt java install or registry entry
          2 - your loader for your installer could be corrupt

          I cannot tell you specifically what the problem is, but here is how I would go about resolving it.

          1 - uninstall the any failed effort of the loader.
          2 - uninstall java
          3 - reboot
          4 - run a registry cleaner like ccleaner
          5 - clean all temp files and fix all the registry problems
          6 - reboot
          7 - load the new version, or an appropriate version for your installer, of Java
          8 - install Java
          9 - reboot
          10 - load a new version of the package you want to install from Oracle.
          11 - install the new Oracle package.
          12 - reboot
          13 - rerun the registry cleaner
          14 - reboot
          15 - use your newly installed product.

          I've dealt with Windows idiosyncrasies for over 20 years now and I am still amazed at just how many of the problems are caused by lack of a clean registry, corrupt local applications, or temporary files being orphaned.