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    problem to start telemetry


      I need Your help guys. I try to start telemetry and I have this problem (i created HAStoragePlus RG and install telemetry via # clsetup >8 >2) :
      /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rt/sctelemetry/sctelemetry -i -o hasp_mnt_pt=/tlmtry-hsp,hasp_rg=tlmtry-hsp-rg,hasp_rs=tlmtry-hsp-rs,db_rg=db-rg,db_rs=db-rs,telemetry_rg=tlmtry-rg,telemetry_rs=tlmtry-rs
      Error: bringing resource group "db-rg" online failed
      scswitch: (C748634) Resource group db-rg failed to start on chosen node and might fail over to other node(s)
      Error: disabling resource "db-rs" failed
      scswitch: (C983921) Skipping resource db-rs because its resource group db-rg is undergoing a reconfiguration.
      Command failed.
      /etc/vfstab on both nodes
      /dev/global/dsk/d6s0    /dev/global/rdsk/d6s0   /tlmtry-hsp     ufs     1       no      logging
      HAStoragePlus RG:
      # clrs show tlmtry-hsp-rs
      === Resources ===
      Resource:                                       tlmtry-hsp-rs
        Type:                                            SUNW.HAStoragePlus:9
        Type_version:                                    9
        Group:                                           tlmtry-hsp-rg
        Resource_project_name:                           default
        Enabled{asterix}:                                True
        Enabled{obelix}:                                 True
        Monitored{asterix}:                              True
        Monitored{obelix}:                               True
      # clrg show tlmtry-hsp-rg
      === Resource Groups and Resources ===
      Resource Group:                                 tlmtry-hsp-rg
        RG_description:                                  <NULL>
        RG_mode:                                         Failover
        RG_state:                                        Managed
        Failback:                                        False
        Nodelist:                                        asterix obelix
        --- Resources for Group tlmtry-hsp-rg ---
        Resource:                                     tlmtry-hsp-rs
          Type:                                          SUNW.HAStoragePlus:9
          Type_version:                                  9
          Group:                                         tlmtry-hsp-rg
          Resource_project_name:                         default
          Enabled{asterix}:                              True
          Enabled{obelix}:                               True
          Monitored{asterix}:                            True
          Monitored{obelix}:                             True
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          What resource groups have been configured? Can you bring the resource groups online manually using 'clrg online ...' ? If you can bring them online, can you switch them over too?

          That might be the best way to pinpoint where the problem might lie.