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    Error while migrating charecter set using CSALTER from WE8MSWIN1252 to UTF8

      I tried to migrate with my database. I did backup, started in restricted mode the database.
      when I run csalter.plb script I got:
      SQL> @@csalter.plb
      0 rows created.
      Function created.
      Function created.
      Procedure created.
      This script will update the content of the Oracle Data Dictionary.
      Please ensure you have a full backup before initiating this procedure.
      Would you like to proceed ?(Y/N)?Y
      old 5: if (UPPER('&conf') 'Y') then
      new 5: if (UPPER('Y') 'Y') then
      Enter value for 1: UTF8
      old 8: param1 := '&1';
      new 8: param1 := UTF8';
      Checking data validility...
      TOCHAR is not superset of FROMCHAR
      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
      0 rows deleted.
      Alter database character set....
      Checking or Converting phrase did not finish successfully
      No database (national) character set will be altered
      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

      What should I type where I got "Enter value for 1:" ??

      I have already done this with ANOTHER DATABASE with same Oracle version( and now application working fine, but now i am getting this problem.

      How to correct my mistake ?? and what should i do to do it successfully