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    Where do I download nxge software from

      I am trying to download driver software for a nxge network card but the oracle documentation at the following URL refers back to an old 'Sun' download site that doesn't exist:


      On page 5 it says to download the software from a sun webpage.

      Anyone know where this software might live these days ?
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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          The driver is available for download on My Oracle Support under this patch reference : 11847387
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            A Google search on "nxge solaris" gave me more than 10000 search results.
            The very first result from that search was Installing and Setting Up the nxge Driver from the Oracle site. It's Chapter 2 from the Sun Dual 10GbE Fabric Expansion Module User’s Guide

            The second paragraph in that chapter states:
            "If your system uses the Solaris 10 8/07 *[sic]* Operating System, the nxge device driver is bundled with the operating system. However, you must download and install patches for Sun Dual 10GbE Fabric Expansion Module support."

            That would suggest that the Gigabit Ethernet driver was bundled approximately five years ago, so you might go to your Solaris installation media and add the package to your system and then do a reconfiguration reboot. You then would need to patch that same system if you were using that five-year-old release of Solaris.

            This isn't an issue for this "download" forum. You could posted it to the Solaris forum, instead. (You'd likely have received the same response, though.)
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