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    Multimaster Replication

    Zaeem Abbas
      Hello Guys,

      I need to setup two nodes multi-master replication setup using Oracle 11g for testing purpose. The DB clients can modify data in any node and changes must be synced in both nodes. Cany anybody please let me know how can I achieve using oracle as I have implemented the same using MySQL 5.5. Any relevant document will be highly appreciated.
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          Satishbabu Gunukula
          Refer below links in same order, hope it will help,


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            Zaeem Abbas
            Thanks for your helpful reply. Can you please direct me to documentation to implement Replication using Oracle Streams.
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              Satishbabu Gunukula
              Here you go...


              Hope this helps,

              transportable-tablespace export and import on Same Endian platforms
              Cross platform Transportable tablespace using RMAN
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                Zaeem Abbas
                Thanks a lot. I am reading documentation and will post back if there is any confusion in that.
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                  Zaeem Abbas
                  Dear Satishbabu,

                  I heard that Streams is part of Oracle Enterprise edition. Is there any way we can implement bi-directional and uni-directional replication by using Oracle Standard Edition?
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                    Balazs Papp
                    I heard that Streams is part of Oracle Enterprise edition.
                    Is there any way we can implement bi-directional and uni-directional replication by using Oracle Standard Edition?
                    the mighty documentatition covers this as well: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/license.112/e10594/editions.htm#CJACGHEB
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                      Satishbabu Gunukula
                      Refer the below link, in same order


                      hope this helps,

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                        Zaeem Abbas
                        Dear Balazs,

                        Thanks for your quick reply but I can see following.
                        The documentation at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/license.112/e10594/editions.htm#CJACGHEB clearly mentions that multi - master replication is only part of Enterprise edition only. Check under Integration section.

                        Can you please check and confirm. I am sorry if I am bothering you guys much.

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                          Zaeem Abbas
                          Dear Satishbabu Gunukula,

                          I am very thankful to you for your continuous support.
                          Clearly mentions that
                          Low cost - Multidirectional Streams replication has less configuration costs than RAC and it's free with Oracle Enterprise Edition.
                          whereas the documentation at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/license.112/e10594/editions.htm#CJACGHEB says that oracle stream is available in standard edition as well.

                          Due to licensing issue I want to setup multi-master replication using Oracle Standard Edition. Frankly speaking so far it seems multi-master replication can't be configured using Oracle Standar Edition. Please make me correct if my understanding is wrong.

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