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    OIM ldapsync issues

      After enabling ldapsync between OIM and OID, only a few users orcladmin,public,idrouser and idrwuser are imported into OIM from OID. Other users created with prepareIDStore "oimadmin,oamadmin,weblogic_idm, weblogic_admin,oaamadmin" are not imported.

      When "ldap user create and update full reconcilation" job is run from OIM console, it throws the following error. Exception Message oracle.iam.ldapsync.exception.ProcessLDAPReconDataException: java.lang.NullPointerException

      Used libOVD. OIM, LDAPSYNC configuration is done at the same time.

      Users created in OIM are seen in OID and any changes made to OIM users are propagated to OID.

      OIM diagnostic log shows

      oracle.iam.platform.kernel.EventFailedException: IAM-3050127:An error occurred in user name generation. Please provide either Email or First Name and Last Name for DefaultComboPolicy.:Email:First Name:Last Name:DefaultComboPolicy

      Even though attributes firstname,lastname and email are all present in the ldap profile for a given user.

      Solaris SPARC 9 - 64 bit, OIM, OAM, OID, WLS 10.3.5

      Have any of you faced similar issues on Solaris? When the same steps are performed on Linux based IDM install (both 32 and 64 bit), all users were imported.

      Please advise.


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