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    PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 question - job history on international assignments

      Hello All,

      I have a PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 security question. I have a client where employees can go on international assignments to other countries. Once an employee is on an international assignment, we create a new employee instance (Empl Rcd 1) for the assignment (Host Record) and the Home Record is still Empl Rcd 0. On an international assignment, the requirement is that the local country HR office can see the new job instance (Rcd 1) created for the international assignment and the latest Home record (0) but should not be allowed to see the history for the Home (Empl Rcd 0) records. Only the latest current Home record is allowed to be viewed. Is it possible to implement this using the delivered PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 security functionality. We have set the 'Include Home/Host Access' and 'Incl Additional Assignments' option to 'Both' in the Security Installation setting page.

      Any information would be very much appreciated.


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          Perhaps this doc will be helpful

          Row Level Security Red Paper for HRMS 8.9 and Above. [ID 748073.1]

          This document has an attachment. In the attachment this topic is handled in detail, how vanilla PeopleSoft works with Home/Host Access starting at page 85.
          Although it is HCM 8.9, it might help you.


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            Hi Hakan,

            Thanks for providing the http link.

            This document does not address how some history records on a Home country could be restricted in Job for a HR User who is in a Host country. This HR user under normal circumstances has access to Job History but in international assignment cases the Job history on the Home record needs to be restricted.

            We also have another requirement where two companies setup in PeopleSoft should not see each other's data. Company B should not see Company A records. If an employee working in Company A quits and joins Company B, the Company B HR who gets access to this employee's Job records also gets access to this employees Company A old Job History records. In job Data, since Company B has access to this user (Dept Security Tree), they can see the history of this user when they worked for Company A.

            Is it possible to secure a page to block history for depts that a user does not have access to? Apparently row security (via search record) just checks the top row. If they have access to the dept on the top row, then the viewing of all history is available regardless if the user does not have access to the depts under the top row.

            Any info would be greatly appreciated.