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    Thread Dump Analysis


      I have a Weblogic Server Environment 9.2 MP1 .... When I took the thread dump and analysing with samurai tool I see couple of cell in the samurai tool with the color code "black". When I looked at the meaning of Black in samurai I understand that these are Absent threads.

      may I know what is the meaning of absent threads and why they come and how to resolve them???

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          Pierluigi Vernetto
          it seems that no documentation is available on the "absent" thread topic for Samurai...
          never heard of a "absent" thread before

          Maybe you can download the source code of Samurai and search for "absent" and reverse engineer the code.... good luck! Keep us posted!
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            Steve Button-Oracle
            Not sure this helps, but I saw recently that some Oracle consultants had forked the Thread Dump Analysis (TDA) tool and added some additional advisories to it in order to help identify and classify possible issues from a thread dump.
            ThreadLogic builds upon the popular TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer) by adding logic for common patterns found in application servers. ThreadLogic is able to parse Sun, JRockit, and IBM thread dumps and provide advice based on predefined and externally defined patterns.
            Might be worth checking out @ [http://java.net/projects/threadlogic|http://java.net/projects/threadlogic]