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    Unable to unpresent repository from Oracle VM servers due to missing FC LUN

      Hi forum
      I am running Oracle VMM
      I have a pool with 2 servers
      In the past I created a repository based on FC disks, for testing purposes.
      The repository has been presented to both servers of the pool.
      Now I need to unpresent it from the pool.
      I get the following message :OVMRU_002008E : The repository is not presented ... is not presented to server ...
      This repository was part of a test which we did to present FC repository to the Oracle VM's.
      We presented a LUN to the Oracle VM manager and we created a repository on top of that LUN.
      That LUN is no longer present and I guess this is the root cause.
      I see in the base_adf_domain.log the following message :....<repository> is unmounted but in Dom0 DB
      How can I proceed?

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