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    MapViewer and WMS layers

      Hi all,

      I wonder if someone can help me. MapViewer has been suggested as part of a solution to a mapping project I'm involved in and I want to check it's capable of doing what's required before going any further. The key points are :

      1) Large chunks of the data for this project are not in Oracle Spatial and for the purposes of this project they won't be available either. Instead access is to be made to these layers via WMS.

      2) The customer would like to use Map Viewer to 'build' the maps pulling from Oracle Spatial and WMS where appropriate and combining them.

      3) There is a need for the WMS layers to have their features identified. If the user clicks on a map the features in the various layers (Oracle and WMS) are identified.

      I've not used MapViewer for a few years so am a bit rusty on some of the terminology so forgive me if I'm not using quite the right words to describe my problem! We wish to use the JavaScript Oracle Maps API to access MapViewer functionality.

      I'm pretty happy with 1 and 2 above but 3 is what concerns me. Can anyone confirm that WMS layers can have their features identified by Oracle Maps?

      Steve H
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          As a follow-up question is it possible / recommended to integrate a WFS layer as an Oracle FOI layer and render / identify the features that way?

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            Hi Steve,
            in Oracle Maps your WMS themes would be used as part of a base map definition that defines the tile layer. In general to get feature information from a WMS you have to issue the request GetFeatureInfo, but this request has a specific box and image size in order for the request to search the features. This does not apply to the Oracle Maps Javascript API.
            So your follow up question seems more appropriate to be used with Oracle Maps. I think you should defined a theme based FOI based on a WFS theme, and then you would get the features in the client for further interaction, like you do for geometry themes.

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              Thanks ever so much. This confirms what I was thinking.

              Is it possible to, when the user clicks on the map (using Oracle Maps), to get a list of all features at that point for all FOI layers that are in the map at that location?

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                I think this is possible for point features at the same location only. Please correct me if i am wrong. I would be very interested in a functionality that queries all features at a certain location regardless of their gtype...

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                  you can look into using MVFOIGroup to display multiple points at the same location. This is available in the latest release.

                  it is possible for point features of same layers using the MVFOIGroup. If the features from two FOI layers overlap with each other (e.g., one polygon from theme A covers another polygon or line from theme B), then only theme A's feature is selected. But the application can dynamically switch the theme's display index to make theme B go on top of theme A which will then enable features from B to be clickable/selectable. So the functionality to get all features as you mentioned is not available.