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    OJEC 1.0 binary for MIPS failed to execute

      Hi all,

      I was asked to run a Java virtual machine on a Broadcom MIPS board and was very glad to find the OJEC cvm binary. Unfortunately, it seems that the binary wasn't built for my board since it could not execute properly.

      /mnt/nfs/Oracle_JavaME_Embedded_Client/1.0/binaries/bin # ./cvm
      -sh: ./cvm: not found

      Can I ask if I can get the OJEC source code somewhere to rebuild the client with our toolchain we're using for the board? If yes, is there a guide for building the client?

      While searching google, I found a CDC source code from the "Phoneme" project and could build the cvm with our mips toolchain. It works fine! I could run its test and some hello world samples. However, looking at the Phoneme svn log, I realized that the project is not active recently. Could someone tell the project's status and how it is different to the OJECT?

      I'm also confused with openjdk's hotspot. Is it based on the CDC? How can I cross-compile it for MIPS?

      Thanks you so much for helping. I'm new to the Java world.

      Here is the cpu info I got from /proc/
      cat /proc/cpuinfo
      system type : BCM7413B1 STB platform
      processor : 0
      cpu model : Broadcom BMIPS4380 V4.4 FPU V0.1
      BogoMIPS : 404.48
      wait instruction : yes
      microsecond timers : yes
      tlb_entries : 32
      extra interrupt vector : yes
      hardware watchpoint : no
      ASEs implemented : mips16
      shadow register sets : 1
      core : 0
      VCED exceptions : not available
      VCEI exceptions : not available