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    Can FDM do a lookup and then use that column for mapping?

      Hey, I am not an FDM admin or user. I am an Essbase guy who is trying to get an FDM spec together.

      I think the answer is yes, but just want to verify.

      I need to do a data load into essbase, where I look up a value and then concatenate that value with other columns and then map that.

      For example:

      Load File:

      CC H/S $
      1000 H $10
      1001 H $10
      1002 S $10

      Based on Cost Center I need to do a lookup of "pool" (many cost center to many pools) and combine that with Hourly/Salary. Then use the result to map an account.

      CC H/S $
      1000 HEngineering maps to account X $10
      1001 HGA maps to account Y $10
      1002 SGA maps to account X $10

      Would something lke this be possible in FDM?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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