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    How to convert a PDF to XML?

      Unfortunately, after googling for over 4 hours I came up empty on converting PDF to XML. There are web-sites for this. But they don't give a complete solution.

      How can we do this???

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Could you please elaborate your requirement.

          What for do you want to convert it into XML?

          R. Bala
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              You are correct. There are many websites out there that claim to do this. Almost all of them simply do a slightly better job than cutting & pasting the data off the PDF using reader. This rarely gives you results that will save any time.

              The only one I've found that actually works is a product called EDI Link Connect. They too are a website but the difference is that they create a template that matches your PDF so you can convert any non-scanned PDF into a XML or CSV file to match your requirements exactly. So Invoices, Purchase orders, reports can all be converted to the EXACT datafile you need for your purposes. Its also 100% accurate which is extremely important. I've used them a few times for clients of mine who want to eliminate the data entry of various business documents they have.

              The site is http://ecdynamics.com/pdf-conversion.php

              Hope that helps,
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                Hi All,

                These conversions are done manually.

                How do we convert a pdf into xml through CAS with data mapped appropriately?

                PDF has both free text and tables.

                Thanks in advance,