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    problems with oracle::occi::setVectorOfPObjects

      Good time of day!
      I have a little problem.

      I'm using VS 2008 with OCCI and have strange things.

      Some part of code:

      void LoadData (oracle::occi::Statement *stmt) {
      std::vector <oracle::occi::PObject *> table;
      oracle::occi::setVectorOfPObjects (stmt, 1, table, L"schema", L"table_type");

      When this code runs in EXE file, everything works.
      When the same code runs in DLL, everything works too until I'll try to add some data in procedure (even not in vector, just in stack). After adding I can catch ORA-22625 or "Access violation (0xC0000005)" in setVectorOfPObjects.

      Does anybody known why it can be so?