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    Composite Methodology


      I have built a business process flow within a composite, containing few bpel processes.

      My first question regards the methodology:
      If I have few bpel processes for the same business process - the correct way is to put them in the same composite? Or create few composite with 1 bpel process (assuming also I want to call them from other processes)?

      The second question is technical:
      Can I deploy a bpel process only and not the whole composite?

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          Adam DesJardin
          If they are all part of the same business process then the best way would be to have them all in a single composite.
          Deployment is done at the composite level, not the BPEL level in 11g.
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            Still, any change in one of the bpel component will cause re-deploy of the whole composite. This will change the status in EM to stale.
            I want to know if this is the correct way to manage it.
            If I have 5 bpel components, each change in one of those component will cause a stale status - acceptable?
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              Adam DesJardin
              It will only cause a stale state if you re-deploy the same revision. If you deploy the new composite as a new revision then the old instances won't be stale. The new revision becomes the default and all new instances are created there unless someone is specifically calling the older revision endpoint. You can also retire the old revision to not allow any new instances to be created but allow the existing ones to finish running.
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                This is not my problem. This is something know and familiar.

                I'm talking about the right methodology, and the correct way to build and maintain the process.
                If I have 30 composite, and I need each time to deploy new revision, I will end up with 300 composite under my SOA server.
                When using few bpel components in 1 composite - for each component change, I will modify the composite revision?
                Is this the way to work with in Oracle SOA Suite?

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                  Adam DesJardin
                  It really depends on your requirements. It depends if the processes are short lived or long running as well as how you want to handle rollbacks and other things.
                  We use new revisions since we have long running processes that we can't have go stale every time we deploy a new revision. Also if we need to backout our newly deployed changes its just an undeploy of the new revision, no need to redeploy the old code since it is still there. Cleaning out the old revisions is just maintenance that needs to be done, and would depend again on your specific case. They don't need to stay deployed forever.

                  Also if these are short running processes and there is no problem with instances going stale you can just deploy the same revision, although that does make tracking releases harder.
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                    Thanks Adam