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    OEM12c : [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [core.c]


      On OEM12c (, OS is AIX5.3, database repository is

      Since my ohs1 goes down/up by itself nightly every n days (this is not really a problem since it restarts by itself, but I'd be curious how comes), I was investigating the logs.
      So, I checked the target EMGC_GCDomain/WebTier/ohs1. The ohs1 log file seems to grow dramatically due to two errors reported every 5 to 10 seconds.

      * 1 incident : [OHS] [INCIDENT_ERROR:10] [OHS-501] [mod_context.c]
      => solved by applying workaround described here : *Error Rate (%) Metric Showing as 'Critical' Against Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control's Oracle HTTP Server (ohs1) [ID 1396472.1]*+

      But I also got the following :
      * 1 error : [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [core.c]
      => nothing on My Oracle Support, I did not find anything over here, does someone got the same behavior ?
      Exact error message is :
      [2012-03-15T05:33:19.1956+01:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [core.c] [host_id: myhost] [host_addr: my_IP_address] 
      [tid: 4370] [user: oracle] [ecid: 000002NPXo70rmk5ozP5iY007s12000GCI] [rid: 0] [VirtualHost: myhost:0]  
      Invalid method in request 0
      So, why the http server could stop/start by itself ? And most importantly, how to avoid the second error filling the log up ?