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    Sun ZFS Virtual Box Appliance - Performance question

      Hope this is the right place to ask this question - apologies if it is not.

      We are testing out the Sun ZFS storage using the handy Virtual Box Virtual Appliance.

      Now I know this is a VM appliance and as such, we're not going to see anything like real life performance on this thing - but I was wondering if there were any tips someone might share with regards to getting the best performance possible?

      We are using the VB appliance to test a lab based OVM setup - and up to now, performance is too dire to even install a simple VM Guest or upload an ISO to a repository.

      The host specification is 24GB RAM and 8 cores - all of which we have presented to the ZFS appliance - however doesn't seem to make any difference .

      Is performance of the VB appliance throttled?

      We have got OK performance out of the HP P4000 VSA (again not great - but OK for lab testing).


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          You are correct - the simulator is for testing a subset of functionality only. I am unaware if the VM will use more than one processor, but the RAM will help. One item I can also comment on based on experience is that iSCSI offers the best performance for demos. I use iSCSI as opposed to cifs / nfs / ftp etc. Looking at DTrace, I get much better performance - but I am running a system with only 2 disks, so even that might top out on your server. Perhaps a remote demo with the Oracle Solution Center?