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    WLP 10.3.2 Servlet Fails with NullPointerException

      Hi All,

      We are seeing the following error in our log files, and the portal returns an HTTP 500 error for the request:

      <Mar 15, 2012 3:08:34 PM CET> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101020> <[ServletContext@1744098311[app:nvp_ear5 module:nvp_war path:/nvp_war spec-version:2.5]] Servlet failed with Exception

      This is for WLP 10.3.2.

      Any ideas on how to hunt down the cause of this error? The error message doesn't give a lot to go on. I've checked all the log files, and I can't find any corresponding messages with more information.

      Thanks in advance,
      John Gleason

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