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    Not able to send email notifications out from soa bpel process

      I have set the email driver properties and created a simple bpel process with email activity in it.

      I did the following setup with valid set of values:

      soa_infra >>SOA Administration >> Workflow Notification Properties:

      *Notification Mode: Email
      * Email : From Address     
      * Email : Actionable Address     
      * Email : Reply To Address     

      UMS>>Email Driver Properties:
      1. OutgoingMailServer
      2. OutgoingMailServerPort
      3. OutgoingMailServerSecurity: None
      4. OutgoingDefaultFromAddr

      other properties I left default.

      But when I run the bpel process it is not able to send bpel process, when I go and check in soa_infra>>Service Engine >> Human Workflow >> Notification Management, I see the following error:

      Error while sending notification. Error while sending notification to email. Check the underlying exception and fix it. ; Cannot create notification object. Error while creating oracle.as.soainfra.config:Location=soa_server1,name=human-workflow,type=HWFMailerConfig,Application=soa-infra object. Internal error; Cannot create Notification Object. ; oracle.as.soainfra.config:Location=soa_server1,name=human-workflow,type=HWFMailerConfig,Application=soa-infra;

      Do I have to make setup any where else ?
      Any help is appreciated.